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Winning back your ex is a resource for anyone desperately trying to get back with their ex. This blog was started to provide people who are trying to get back together with their ex girlfriends or ex boyfriends real and valuable advice. The advice can be edgy and abrasive. If you are looking for someone to lie to you...Go elsewhere.


How To Get Back My Ex Boyfriend

Do you think you really know "How to get back my ex boyfriend?" I bet you have some crazy plan in your head. I am pretty sure it is all you think about all day. You just want to get back your ex boyfriend. Luckily, for you this post will get your started in the right track. I can be a bit mean or harsh at times but rest assured it is only because I KNOW the advice I give works and it is frustrating when people don't bother to take it.

Chances are you did a search for something related to getting back your boyfriend. You have probably found tons and tons of articles and sites giving all types of advice and miracle solutions. This is not one of them. My advice comes from personal experience which we know, is the best teacher.

The first thing you need to keep in mind about your ex boyfriend is that for one reason or another you two are not together right now. You may have messed up or he may have messed up, either way it does not matter. If your goal is to get him back you first need to accept that the relationship you guys had is over. Obviously, there was some kind of problems with it if you are in this situation. The goal now is to start a new relationship with the same person. Do you understand so far?

In order to get this on the right track you are going to need to start fresh. Are you ready to let the past be the past and just look toward the future? If you are not then you might as well give this up now and do your next Google search for puppies or something. Still with me? O.K. now we are looking toward the future.

Space is going to be the best thing EVER right now. This means for you and for him. This will give you guys a chance to get back to who you were when you first fell in love. This is a time where you should be reestablishing neglected friendships, taking a day trip you have been wanting to take and over all just enjoying you.

Of course, this also means no crazy ex girlfriend stuff. That includes showing up at places you know he will be, massive amounts of text messages, E mails, Phone calls and yes instant messages and BBMs count too. I said "crazy ex girlfriend" stuff because that is exactly how your ex boyfriend is going to see it. The only thing you will accomplish is pushing him farther away...possibly forever.

Now it is time for a serious step that frankly, only the people who are dead set on "how do I get my ex boyfriend back" actually take. It's called getting help! I have reccomended T.W. Jackson's Magic of Making Up book all over the place. Why am I trying to get you to spend 39 bucks on a book?

#1 He explains why things happen and the thoughts and feelings behind them. He does not just say "do this"

#2 He offers plans, stratigies and soultions for almost every situation. Remember how I said you need to start a new relationship with the same person? He has a "clean slate" method that outlines exactly how to do it.

#3 If you think it really sucks you got 60 days to get your money back. Lets face it, comapred to the heartache and pain you have now....$39 bucks is not that much.

Anyway, I can only offer you the door, I can't push your ass through it. Hopefully, you can gather enough information and actually get back your ex boyfriend.


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